STEAM Showcase 2018
Sunday, March 11, 3-5pm
de Toledo High School

“TED TALK” presentations by dTHS students
who are addressing current innovations and/or disruptions in science and business that shake up traditional modes of thinking

  • STEAM & Entrepreneurial Course Offerings
  • Tours of MakerSpace and Greenhouse


Climate Change

Results from an experiment that created a model tundra biome to monitor the relationship between temperature and CO2 levels. The processes in which plants emit carbon dioxide is sped up with heat, thereby significantly impacting climate.

Renewable Energy

Results from two research projects about the viability of ethanol for use in common internal combustion engines and how easily a new reusable and renewable fuel source can be created.

Robotics & Engineering

As machines grow ever more intelligent, they’re emerging not just as powerful tools, but close companions. The dTHS Robotics Team will demo a homemade human helper robot illustrating our evolving relationship with machines.

Spirulina Initiative

Spirulina, a superfood, is the answer to end world hunger because its effects on malnourished children who eat it are remarkable. Our students are growing it and spreading knowledge globally about this richest whole-food source nature has to offer.

Entrepreneurship: (dT3) Think Tank Idea Incubator

Students create an innovative product or service then compete for a grant to fund implementation of their idea. Grant winners will be announced at the event.



The de Toledo High School Science Academy is a multi-faceted science enrichment program that reflects our efforts to address the nation’s pressing need for innovative scientific minds, shaped and guided by Jewish values, and to provide leadership in government, industry, education and medicine.

Breaking Brain | Climate Change 101 | Colloquium | Engineering Competitions
Forensic Science | Nutrition and Diseases | Robotics



The Perlman Entrepreneurial Academy (PEA) raises up and educates the next generation of Jewish business leaders by fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, engendering a commitment to philanthropy, and arming students with the skills incumbent on a twenty-first century global citizen.

Speaker Series | Entrepreneurship | Personal Finance and Economics