Showcase 2017
Sunday, March 26, 3-5pm
de Toledo High School

Heather Hamza
Underwater Superheroes:
Tackling the Global Issue of Ghost Fishing

Heather on the Infidel

“Ghost Fishing” is a global phenomenon that wreaks havoc on fragile marine ecosystems. It occurs when fishing gear has been lost, dumped or abandoned in the ocean. If not removed, abandoned nets and lines keep fishing – indiscriminately trapping and killing sea life – for decades, if not centuries.

As the US Coordinator for the international Ghost Fishing Foundation, Heather Hamza and cadres of divers are dedicated to removing marine debris from shipwrecks, ensuring diver safety, sharing best practices about diving, and collaborating worldwide to protect marine life. A diver since 1993, Ms. Hamza enjoys all kinds of diving (caves, shipwrecks, “technical,” or deep), but her most favorite diving is helping the ocean and protecting her treasures.

She will speak about underwater exploration, ghost fishing, and target sites, including the wreckage of the ship, “The Infidel,” which sank off Catalina in 2006, endangering local sea life.

Join us for an underwater adventure.