Academic Overview

Academic Overview

Our students join an inspiring educational community that prepares them for academic and professional success. Along with rigorous academics, the de Toledo journey creates a strong foundation for meaningful lives founded upon Jewish values and traditions, and shaped by the ideals of American democracy. de Toledo students emerge with a deep sense of identity, clear purpose, and outstanding character.

The academic core curriculum at de Toledo High School is comprised of:

Jewish Studies
Jewish Civilization (Visual and Performing Arts)

Within each department, there are multiple offerings at each level, including regular college preparatory classes, honors classes, and Advanced Placement classes. The Jewish Civilization course of study begins in ninth grade with a Jewish Arts Rotation —7 courses that embrace Judaic themes, followed by yearlong art electives in the final three years of high school.

Each year, a student may choose electives depending on the level of challenge in the student’s core program. Some electives are rigorous, academic courses while others are less demanding in terms of out-of-class preparation. Still others need permission from the instructor prior to enrollment. Electives may be chosen from the following:

Acting Techniques
Advanced Israeli Dance
Advanced Jazz Ensemble Honors
Advanced Photography
American Sign Language 1-4
Astronomy (11-12)
AP Environmental Science (10-12)
AP European History (10-12)
AP Psychology (11-12)
AP Spanish Language & Culture
AP Spanish Literature
AP Studio Art: Design
AP Studio Art: Drawing
Art & Artists 2D
Art & Artists 3D
Arts & Culture Academy (11-12)
Art 2D: Skill Building
Biotechnology and Bioethics (10-12)
Comparative Religions (11-12)
Entrepreneurship (12)
Film Studies 1-2
Finite Math (11-12)
Graphic Design
Instrumental Ensemble: House Band
Intro to Computer Science
Intro to Psychology (11-12)
Israeli Dance 1 & 2
ITS: Tanakh 1-4
ITS: Talmud 1-4
Jazz Ensemble
Jewish Philosophy (11-12)
Journalism and Publication
JTexts: Soc. Justice (11-12)
JTexts: Environment (11-12)
JTexts: Gender/Medical Ethics (11-12)
JTexts: Speech and Debate (11-12)
Mandarin 1, 2
Media Arts 1, 2
Modern Dance
Musical Theatre & Drama Production
Photography 1, 2
Sci-Tech I, 2
Songwriting and Technology
Spanish 1-4
Spanish 2-4 Honors
Spanish Literature
Statistics (11-12)
Trigonometry & Advanced Algebra
Video Production 1,2
Vocal Ensemble



The instructional core of the Jewish Studies program reaches all de Toledo High School students throughout their four years of high school. Students are challenged on a wide range of issues through the study of our foundational texts, Jewish identity, history, and culture. Students analyze, confront, and most importantly, interpret both sacred texts and Jewish historical experience. By interpreting Judaism’s core textual and historical legacy, our students become participants in our living tradition.

In text classes, we ground our discussions in classical Jewish Text–primarily the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh), Mishnah, and Talmud. The text comes alive as we teach our students to look at them from many different angles, just as one captures the radiance of a diamond by looking at its many angles. Students learn how to apply a multi-varied analysis of situations in and out of a religious context. Seeing a text or an issue from many perspectives makes for great students, great lawyers, great connectors, and great leaders in every field and endeavor. Our students are able to speak to both sides of a conflict and bring resolution because they truly understand the many perspectives involved. Anchored in tradition and fully immersed in the present, Jewish Studies faculty see their task as being guides in Holy Remembering and inspired action today.

Furthermore, de Toledo High School offers courses that center on core Jewish history and philosophy. In classes such as Shoah, Wisdom/Hokhma, Israel, Jewish Philosophy, and Comparative Religion, students engage with the enduring lessons that have emerged from the Jewish people’s place in and connection to the larger world, its harrowing passages, triumphs and global relevance. Each of these courses creates a stage for deepening understanding of foundational Jewish historical experiences with the aim of bringing those vital insights to the present life of the Jewish community and the world beyond.

Whether engaging in text, history, or experience, the Jewish Studies department of de Toledo High School empowers students to continue to live a life imbued with kedushah, holiness, purpose and engagement with the world.

The de Toledo High School Physical Education requirement may be satisfied using any one of three options:

1. Four sections of team sports

2. Six sections of physical education classes (fall-winter-spring seasons each year)

3. Six seasons of any combination of physical education classes and team sports

The P.E. requirement must be completed by the end of Junior year.

Co-curricular offerings give students opportunities for intensive involvement in projects that produce end-products like a yearbook, musical, or newspaper. These projects require creativity, expression of talent, adherence to deadlines, time management, team work, community building, and leadership development. Most run for a sepecific and designate time of the year. Students work under the guidance of faculty advisors and often other community professionals to give them a comprehensive experience.

Current co-curricular offerings include:

Drama Production
Musical Theatre


4 years

Community Service

9th & 10th grade – 20 hours
11th grade – 26 hours
12th grade – 26 hours


3 years (consecutively from year of enrollment), 4 recommended


3.5 years, 4 recommended

Jewish Civilization

2.5 years (includes 9th grade arts rotation, JCIV-approved VPA, and 1 semester of Shoah)

Jewish Studies

4 years (including a semester of Wisdom/Israel 101)


3 years, 4 recommended (including successful completion of Algebra 2, Algebra 2- Honors, or Intermediate Algebra)

Physical Education

2 years or six points: to be completed by six sections of PE (1 point each) four sections of team sports (1.5 points each), or any combination that equals six points (recommended completed by the end of Junior Year)


3 years (9-11), 4 recommended

Drishat Shalom

Portfolio 4 years including final draft and delivery

Senior Capstone

A program which includes Monday through Thursday off-campus internship and mandatory Friday on-campus meetings as well as an evaluation by teacher or mentor. It is a Pass/No Pass graduation requirement.

Visual/Performing Arts

1 Yearlong course