Student Clubs

Student Clubs

ACOH (Acercándonos a la Comunidad Hispana) promotes cultural and social awareness of the Hispanic community around the world. Activities include fundraisers, awareness week, Hispanic culture night, hands-on projects, and outreach events.

American Politics is an informal gathering of students who are knowledgeable about politics, or who want to learn more about American politics through discussions of domestic and foreign political issues, campaigns, and the political process.

C.A.K.E. (Creating a Kehillah of Equality) raises awareness about homosexuality, bisexuality and gender issues today, while encouraging acceptance of individuality in both our community and globally.

Film Club provides a forum for discussion about feature films and TV, and works to produce student films. The club helps organize the annual student generated “short” film festival and assists in all-school club lead programing.

Friendship Circle is an individual student learning project spearheaded by Melanie Anish and Gabby Vanderlaan.

Every 15 Minutes/Safe Driving raises awareness about ways to drive safely, day or night by informing students about the real dangers that affect teen drivers.

Harry Potter Alliance is a non-profit organization that helps fight the dark forces of the real world using the lessons and teachings from the Harry Potter series. Club activities and fundraisers will support HPA.

Invisible Children works with the Invisible Children Organization to raise international awareness and to provide aid in order to create a more peaceful Uganda. The club raises money and engages in tikkun olam to change the lives of innocent invisible African children.

Jewish World Watch addresses the issues in Sudan and Congo, and advocates for other causes worldwide, in collaboration with the Jewish World Watch organization for fundraisers and events.

Moth Story Club is dedicated to telling stories and other creative speaking endeavors.

No Place Like Home is an independent student project created by Brooke Perlman. The organization is dedicated to providing dorm necessities for student scholarship recipients from the “All Ways Up Foundation”.

Philosophy provides a forum for students to engage in creative discussions about a variety of topics, based on student interest.

Protect Animals WorldWide (PAWW) is devoted to helping students become more aware of ways to protect the well-being of animals. Representatives from local animal shelters speak about issues related to helping animals.

Shelter Animals of the Valley supports LA animal shelters that are overflowing with pets in need of adoption. Students volunteer as a group once a month at shelters in Van Nuys or Chatsworth. After training, students help with dog care and adoption, fundraises, and raises awareness about animal rescue.

Sports and Culture encompasses everything from arranging carpools for students to attend school sports events to discussing the sports headlines of the day to learning about the intersection between sports and Jewish culture.

Tanakh promotes the foundational document of Jewish life throughout our school culture, and probes its relevancy to our lives today.


Active Understanding is focused on positive-oriented awareness and education concerning teen mental health issues.

Asian Culture serves to educate students about many different Asian cultures through awareness programs and activities.

Cancer Awareness was founded in 2007 by a group of seniors affected by the disease. The club’s members are dedicated to educating the student body about various types of cancer and to fundraise for multiple organizations involved in research, prevention, and innovative therapies.

Friends for Animals raises awareness for animals being abused and is dedicated to fundraising for greater local and national organizations to help animals.

Green Teens focuses on keeping campus litter free as well as working with larger organizations in off-campus environmental efforts.

Hand in Hand promotes a strong connection between our school and children within our greater Los Angeles community. This year’s focus is supporting awareness and providing solutions for children in America who suffer from hunger.

Heart and Soul visits retirement homes, hospitals and homeless shelters to play uplifting music and sing with joy to raise the spirits of elderly and other residents.

Israel Advocacy focuses on educating the school about Israeli culture, politics, current events, and society. The IAC advocates on behalf of Israel in order to defend Israel from criticism.

Make a Wish is an independent student project spearheaded by Jordan Peterkofsky, Shira Rosen, Emma Aaronson, and Shayna Goldstein.

Music Appreciation enhances students’ musical repertoire. The club plays music during lunch weekly and coordinates the annual “Rock Fest” featuring student musicians.

Newspaper “The Prowler” is a student-run digital paper aiming to promote both school-wide news and events as well as give staff members an opportunity to channel their passions into writing, editing, and designing.

Poetry fosters an environment for writing, sharing, and discussing poetry. Over the course of the year, students plan various opportunities to share their poetry via slams and open mic nights.

Set the Stage is devoted to raising awareness through theatre and committed to raising funds for groups (such as Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS) who are dedicated to promoting social, emotional and physical health within theatre communities across the nation.

Speech and Debate conducts internal debates at dTHS as well as public debates with other Jewish high schools in Los Angeles. The Debate Club offers the team and other interested students an opportunity to enhance their skills.

Student Ambassadors consists of students who represent dTHS at various events and host prospective students throughout the year.

WHY (We Hear You) is dedicated to helping students learn about deaf culture as well as offering assistance to young and old deaf people in the greater community.