Theatrical Arts

Throughout history and across cultures, theatricality has been one of the most powerful and authentic methods of communication, connection, education, celebration, ritual, and storytelling.  At de Toledo High School, we still believe this to be true.

Through our drama and musical theatre program, students train and grow their theatrical and musical skills with professional artists and educators. They have opportunities to participate (as cast or crew) in two professional-quality productions each year (one musical, one non-musical), as well as perform at school events and Tefillot (prayer sessions), participate in educational theatre activities off campus, and perform in various talent showcases such as Hamifgash (Coffee House Night). We also have a theatre club on campus (SET-THE-STAGE) that is devoted to raising awareness through theatre and committed to raising funds for nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to promoting social, emotional, and physical health within theatre communities locally and across the nation.

“Every student, regardless of skill or experience, has the right to participate in activated and innovative learning processes that stimulate thought and emotion, speak to the senses, inspire discovery, and initiate investigation. Theatre is a catalyst for creative expression, collaboration, communication, and connection. Theatre provides opportunities for research, reflection, observation, interpretation, and discussion. Theatre provides all types of learners with equal opportunity for successful social, emotional, artistic and academic growth, awareness, and development. Theatre fosters tolerance and acceptance. Most importantly, participation in theatre creates community.”

—Diane Feldman, Drama, Musical Theatre & Vocal Performance