Message from Head of School

XX6A4227Welcome to de Toledo High School and its exceptional vision for the 21st century.

We all know that human education has, over the past 5000 years, moved from the oral tradition, to the printed word, and now to the digital age. While technology has accelerated the spread of information, it often slows or even obfuscates the spread of wisdom.

A de Toledo education fuses the enormous power of contemporary advances and ideas of human civilization with the sacred obligation of humans to apply that knowledge to advance moral vision and ethical action. The power of knowledge left untethered from ethics and morality is often dangerous; ethics and morality without knowledge is weak.

At de Toledo, knowledge leads to both power and wisdom. The two are inseparable. This is what we mean by intellectual imagination and ethical action. This combination in the context of 3000 years of Jewish tradition, history, culture, ideas, and religion is what we call wisdom.

Welcome to our vision and thank you for your trust.


Dr. Bruce Powell

Head of School