Beit Knesset as theology laboratory

4.01 Beit Knesset as theology laboratory

Written by cheri




Congratulations to Rabbi Lev, Rabbinic Director and Jewish Studies teacher, for the publication of his article in the latest RAVSAK HaYidion Spring 2015 issue.  Rabbi Lev is also a Rabbis Without Borders fellow.


The model for Jewish learning was articulated for us in the wilderness of Sinai: Na’aseh ve-nishma. The usual understanding of this famous line is that we will “do” and then come to “understand,” even if in other situations we try to understand something before with do it. But why insist on the sequencing of doing and understanding or understanding then doing at all? I now read the verse prescriptively: We can and should practice and learn simultaneously…Read more….Beit Knesset as Theology Laboratory