Perlman Entrepreneurial Academy Launches

12.11 Perlman Entrepreneurial Academy Launches

Written by cheri


Our new Perlman Entrepreneurial Academy Speaker Series (PEASS) launched this week.  Designed for juniors and seniors, PEASS will raise up and educate the next generation of Jewish business leaders by fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, engendering a commitment to philanthropy, and arming students with the skills incumbent on a twenty-first century global citizen.  Greg Perlman, Founder/CEO GHC Housing Partners and Professor Michael Clark, Partner/COO GHC Housing Partners, were the kickoff speakers.  This new academy is made possible by the generous support of Greg and Jodi Perlman (NCJHS alumni and current parents, board member) who are committed to forwarding the success of NCJHS students by connecting them with entrepreneurs, business leaders, visionaries, and innovators.