Discipline & The Image of God

11.17 Discipline & The Image of God

Written by cheri

The mission statements of Jewish day schools have consistent themes: love of Judaism, connection to the Jewish people, excellent education, biblical values, ethical treatment of others and tikkun olam. In short, the mission of all Jewish day schools is helping to create the next generation of Jewishly involved and connected mentsches. But how does a school react and respond when a student violates these tenets? How does a school discipline its students in keeping with its mission statement? All of our JDS leadership teams (board, head, principal, etc.) rightly spend many hours arguing over each word of the mission statement, yet how much time does the school spend discussing and understanding the implementation of the mission statement through their disciplinary approach, ensuring that the approach is in sync with the mission statement?  Click here to read the entire article published in RAVSAK.

Mark_Shpall - WRESTLING

-Mark Shpall
Dean of Students,
AP Government teacher
& Director of Community Programming