Kristallnacht and the White Rose Society

11.10 Kristallnacht and the White Rose Society

Written by cheri

IMG_0003The ninth and tenth of November recall Kristallnacht, the “night of broken glass.” After these days in 1938, nobody could say that they did not know what was happening to the Jews at the hands of the Nazis.

Today, NCJHS commemorated Kristallnacht by recalling the bravery of the White Rose Society. In 1942 student protestors in Germany, calling themselves the White Rose Society, distributed six leaflets of opposition to Hitler. These young resistors were tried for treason against the Third Reich and then beheaded in 1943.

NCJHS took up white roses today. In doing so, students committed themselves to stand up and speak out. In solidarity with the White Rose Society’s bravery and wisdom we lifted white roses:
The Roses of Remembrance
The Rose of Life
The Rose for Israel
The Rose of Tradition
The Rose of Peace
The Rose of Faith
The Rose of Action

Speaking truth to power is a long-standing Jewish value.  

Would you have been willing to belong to the White Rose Society?

In our own day, what cause is in need of more voices?  Will you speak out?DSC06911