Celebrating Bravery

11.04 Celebrating Bravery

Written by cheri

040It takes courage and faith to be injured in battle, twice(!), and go back into battle.
And that is precisely what Wilbert Goldsmith, father of OJA Ed. Therapist Maralyn Soifer did. Wilbert was recently honored by the French government with the French Legion Medal of Honor for his role in liberating Paris.

Maralyn shared this of her brave dad,” He is a WWII Veteran who was captured by the German army and eventually escaped from a POW camp. He also helped to liberate Paris and participated in the invasion of Omaha beach on D Day. He was wounded twice and both times he returned to his unit. He is kind of amazing!”

Amazing indeed! In recognition of the approaching Veterans’ Day memorial, we celbrate Wilbert’s bravery. The Torah speaks of such brave soldiers in the language of faith, and so we offer him these words of Torah:

“When you go to the battle, the priest must go to the soldiers and speak to them. The priest will say, ‘Men of Israel, listen to me! Today you are going against your enemies in battle. Don’t lose your courage. Don’t be troubled or upset. Don’t be afraid of the enemy. The Lord your God is going with you to help you fight against your enemies. God will help you win!’” (Deut. 20:2-4).

042Thank you to all the men and women in uniform.