A Blessing Through Recollection

11.04 A Blessing Through Recollection

Written by cheri

 Beatrice Powell  & James Powell, Sgt., USMC

Beatrice Powell & James Powell, Sgt., USMC

In 1935, James Pollacheck stood on a bread line in the midst of the Great Depression.  He could play the trombone so he decided to sign-up for the Marine Corps band.  He went through basic training and then played in the band for the next 7 years, both on active and inactive duty.  In 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  He was called up for full active duty.

On August 7, 1942, he hit the beach on an island in the South Pacific called Guadalcanal.  He was one of the first on the beach.  The battle at Guadalcanal was America’s first land victory in World War II and set the stage for “saving the world.”  In 1945, after the war, James changed his name to Powell.  I am proud to call Sgt. James Pollacheck (Powell) USMC, my father.

-Dr. Bruce Powell, Head of School