Boys to Men

7.31 Boys to Men

Written by cheri

How Jewish-based education helps prepare our sons for life
by Gregory Keer

Raising three boys to be well-rounded, menschy men isn’t easy, and I admit to making one or two mistakes (per hour) in my efforts to guide my sons toward actions that reflect soulfulness, integrity and compassion.

As my children grow, so do my expectations of their accountability for their decisions. However, there is much that I — that all of us — can do, as our sons lurch toward manhood. In partnership with their educators, we can make a difference in helping them become stand-up young men.

Seeing the impact of an ethically based Jewish high school, both as a parent and as a professional in the school, I’ve witnessed much to give me hope. This is in spite of all the news spotlighting boys walking onto campuses to vent rage and fear with bullets, and young men at colleges assaulting women.  Read more….


About the author:  Gregory Keer is a teacher and grade-level dean at New Community Jewish High School in West Hills. He is also an award-winning parenting columnist and publisher of He and his wife have three sons.