Benny Ferdman, Jewish Educator Award Winner!

10.15 Benny Ferdman, Jewish Educator Award Winner!

Written by cheri

Benny Ferdman award winner
L-R:  Scott Zimmerman, President, Board of Trustees, Richard Sandler, Executive Vice President, Milken Family Foundation, Benny Ferdman, NCJHS Artistic Director, Dr. Bruce Powell, Head of School, Dr. Gil Graff, BJE Executive Director.
Congratulations Mr. Ferdman from the entire NCJHS community! 
We are ecstatic to announce that Benny Ferdman, our Artistic Director, has won one of the four Milken Family Foundation Jewish Educator Awards!  This afternoon, Mr. Richard Sandler, the Foundation’s Executive Vice President, presented Benny with this great honor at a surprise assembly in front of the entire school community.
Yearly, the Foundation publicly honors and recognizes exceptional educators among teachers at the 40 BJE Jewish schools in the Los Angeles area.
There simply is no box that can contain the creative and intellectual vision ofBenny Ferdman.   Benny was one of the pioneering faculty members at New Community Jewish High School when we began twelve years ago.  As our Artistic Director and Chair of the Visual and Performing Arts Department, Benny articulates a vision where each year has a Jewish theme that permeates both arts and academics.   He teaches in his specialty field of 2-D arts, while also teaching the entire faculty how to find the “boxes” in their teaching and their souls that no one knew existed.

Benny is also a passionate advocate of Yiddish culture and language.  Through his efforts, we began what is today the only full Yiddish language program in any non-Orthodox Jewish high school in America.  Benny himself never stops learning.  His curiosity drives him to participate in summer seminars which feed and nurture his passions.  His personal Jewish expression is profound and unique.    In his very essence, Benny is a “clee,” a container of 3000-years of Jewish history and language and culture.  He is a “samovar” from which emanates the sweet taste of Judaism and humanity.