Teacher, Hyim Brandes, selected Joshua Venture Group Fellow

9.24 Teacher, Hyim Brandes, selected Joshua Venture Group Fellow

Written by cheri

Mazel Tov to our own HYIM BRANDES (Jewish Studies teacher) for being selected as one of two first-ever Jewish Day School Fellows chosen for the Joshua Venture Group 2012-2014 Dual Investment Program.  The Avi Chai Foundation made this announcement recently.  Mr. Brandes will receive $80,000 in unrestricted funding, along with over $20,000 in personalized coaching, training, and networking which will equip him to realize his vision to transform the landscape of Jewish day school education.  Bravo on this distinguished recognition for your innovative contribution to Jewish education in the 21st century.

In addition to his role at NCJHS, Mr. Brandes is the founder of the Online Jewish Academy (OJA) http://www.onlinejewishacademy.org/ which partners with local Jewish high schools to meet the diverse, ever-evolving learning needs of Jewish students through personalized, innovative online and collaborative educational programs. Mr. Brandes will use his funding to advance OJA.

OJA combines emerging technology, cutting-edge research on the brain, and the latest education theory to design and deliver curricula to students with an emphasis on 21st Century Skills. Courses and materials are built to be flexible, adjusting to each student’s pace, learning styles, strengths and weaknesses.  These tools and techniques allow OJA to reach students with learning differences, helping them to thrive at Jewish high schools and fully participate in campus life, connecting the promise of new educational technologies to values rooted in text, tradition, and humanity. Currently there are four NCJHS students participating in the pilot program.