Written by cheri

Seniors from New Community Jewish High School and Seniors from the Los Angeles Jewish Home Danced the Night Away at “Senior-Senior Prom”

Sequins, bow ties and dress shoes helped adorn the beautifully decorated Los Angeles Jewish Home in Reseda at NCJHS’ first “Senior-Senior Prom,” an event that united our two communities. With smiles galore, many students danced, performed, or just spoke with the residents at the Home, engendering an experience that one resident called “the most fun night [she had] had in a long time.”

The event was conceived as a part of the Jewish Home’s year-long Centennial Celebration, and New Community Jewish High School’s year-long tenth anniversary celebration. From the corsages to the photobooth, the event was an exquisitely planned collaboration between NCJHS and Jewish Home professional staff, NCJHS students, and Home residents.

For every NCJHS student that attended the two-hour celebration, it was extremely meaningful to see the bright and cheery countenances of the residents and converse with them about everything from their lives to lessons that they gleaned from their long lives (including, in one case, dating advice from a resident surrounded by female suitors). These residents had much wisdom to impart on every NCJHS student, even if the conversation only lasted a couple of minutes.

In between Sinatra songs or twirls on the dance floor, each senior would share with the other “senior” aspects of their lives that were interesting and meaningful. Through this, the youth and elderly bonded in a very unique manner.

Students that attended were mainly from the senior class; others included members of our Advanced Jazz Band, Instrumental Ensemble and Varsity Dance Team, all of whom performed. Other students included members of our wrestling, baseball and basketball teams. Every individual that spent time with the residents, even if it was holding hands and slowly swaying back and forth to a jazz song on the dance floor, brightened up the lives of someone immensely.

-NCJHS senior, Jason Tinero, Co-Editor-in-Chief, The Prowler (student newspaper), contributed greatly to this article.

For more information about the Los Angeles Jewish Home, visit www.jha.org